Fortan Media is a publishing house for writers with a unique vision and purpose. We to provide some of the most exciting voices in fiction a home where they can freely create their hearts desire. To this purpose we have formed this media publishing house. All media is considered and all genres of fiction and non-fiction are welcome here.

Fortan is Gaelic for Good Luck. We like to think positive over here and we wish everyone the best.

Publishing Formats

We currently offer two formats for Fortan Books books:

Traditional printed books: If you would like to buy a traditional printed book, click the “Print” button next to the title you are interested in. This will take you to a list of retailers that carry our books. Click your retailer of choice and you should be directed to that retailer’s page where you can purchase that title. Note that we do not sell print books directly.

Ebooks: If you would like to buy an electronic book, click the “Ebook” button next to the title you are interested in. You will be directed to our EBook retailers sites where you can purchase and download your chosen title in the electronic format.

Happy reading.

Press Inquiries

If you would like to request a review copy of a book or have an inquiry regarding publicity for a particular author or book, please contact the Fortan Publicity Team by emailing publicity@fortanmedia.com


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