If you want to be a writer, you also want to know how to do it well. How do you create work that will stand the test of time and get great reviews? How do you craft a screenplay or a comic book? How do you master the novel? This book teaches you all the tricks and more. It explains how to make fiction that is unforgettable and meaningful. The secrets are out there, but this is the only book you’ll need to learn them.


It’s been almost 150 years after the Age of Wonders when the gods last walked the earth and miracles were abundant. An epic war was fought for control of creation and the land has since mostly been at peace. But the gods are now gone and disturbing signs that their enemy, those anti-gods called the Hexkyn, are returning. These beings are spawns of nightmare and their creations are crafted in hell. There is no one to stop them.
No one except a band of misfits from different walks of life, fated to usher in a new age. The Age of Heroes.

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From celebrated Author James Hudnall, Diogenes is the first in a new series of Superhero novels for adults. The series is called The Secret Team, and deals with how super humans would radically change the world as we know it if they existed, but more importantly, would upset the status quo. Diogenes is the story of a homeless philosophy professor named Rex Asker who was fired for his politics and mysteriously gains powers that make him the most dangerous man alive. Because he can reveal the truth about people, it makes him a wanted man.

Coming in late 2017 from Fortan Media.

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